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Everyone who needs energy is a customer of Clean Services.Enerji ihtiyacı olan herkes Clean Services’ın müşterisidir.

By keeping the equipment that provides electricity generating green building and vehicle charging infrastructure, with rational supply management, meeting the need quickly at the time of demand provides results. Clean Services provides effective support on quality hardware, fast supply and customer relationship management.

Stock Management, Supply, Implementation is satisfaction.

Our approach; to keep the most basic products from the wide product family at the optimum level, to plan the supply management at the tender stage, and to satisfy the customer with fast and high quality application.

Clean Services

What Does Authorized Technical Service Do?

Pre-Installation Diagnostics, preparation of Eco-Tech Report

The compliance of the technical infrastructure with the need for the use of charging stations and the availability of places where they are planned to be installed are checked using a "checklist", preliminary diagnostics is carried out and the costs of their installation are determined.

Installation and Commissioning

After the Eco-Tech Report that emerged with the discovery, the station is installed in the place where the decision to be established is made and the station is put into operation.

Periodic Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Periodic maintenance of the charging station network is carried out, and in case of malfunctions, instant, fast and effective troubleshooting is provided depending on the priority level of intervention.

Charging Network Operator Station Surveillance

Supervision of the stations established by the Charging Network Operator is provided.

Project Orientation

Bids are submitted for projects such as buildings and car parks that have been, are or will be built within the jurisdiction.

Finding a Location

Appropriate locations and station installation locations are recommended to the Charging Network Operator within the Jurisdiction.

Clean Services

How will you be involved in this large business network?

Fill in the application form. Watch Preliminary Information Video for Authorized Technical Service. Fill in the 'Commercial Profile and Infrastructure Form'.
Read and approve the 'Confidentiality Agreement'. Upload the 'Circular' showing that you are authorized on behalf of your company.
ATS Business Model' and 'ATS Finance and Revenue Model' Watch the explanation videos to learn about the 'ATS Terms' and 'ATS Agreement'.
Fill in the 'Participation and Meeting Option Form'. Attend a digital / face-to-face meeting.
To be appointed as an Authorized Technical Service, fulfill the 'ATS Conditions' and sign the 'ATS Contract'.