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The Eco-Tech Report is useful for every building

It is the energy infrastructure that gives life to the living and working structure.

The fact that energy is safe, economical, uninterrupted and sustainable affects the budget, quality of life and comfort.

The current energy usage statistics of the building, the times and the current electricity project and the infrastructure including the equipment such as transformer and generator are the basic data that will guide the future development and needs.

Technological developments, making the buildings able to produce energy with solar panels and wind turbines, installing energy storage equipment, equipping the parking areas with an electric vehicle charging station make it necessary to have the ‘energy x-ray’ of the building taken by a specialist institution.

In some countries, the legislation requires the ‘energy identity’ card of the buildings, albeit in a narrower scope.

The Eco-Tech Report is a document that contains the information requested in the energy identity card and more.

The Eco-Tech Report, which is based on knowledge and experience and prepared after detailed examination, offers the convenience of having a roadmap for the building today and tomorrow.

The Eco-Tech Report is also the basis of the process that will ensure a green and efficient building.”