Clean Services

What Do We Provide You?

Product Range Creation

Provide continuously growing equipment assortment designed and manufactured by the well known equipment manufacturers at competitive prices.

Optimal Product Range Stock and Supply Management

Ensure the simultaneous management of stocks and supplies through forecasts of market needs, the frequency of projects and orders.

Product Range Income

Receiving regular and growing revenues from our solutions and product range with the least investment and high-turnover approach.

Product Range Solutions and Trainings

Product Range Solutions and Trainings to management and sales teams through digital and offline meetings when necessary.


Setting standards in common language, approach, verbal such as expression, physical such as materials, visual such as workmanship and application, written matters such as eco-tech report, project proposal, maintenance contract…

Customer Relations Management

To realize customer relations infrastructure and management with qualified, stable and satisfaction increasing methods.

Corporate Identity and Communication

To use 'Authorized Technical Service' identity in accordance with the corporate identity and communication standard, e.g. corporate e-mail, local IP phone.

Call Center

To manage project information flow and requests, proposals, service contracts and processes, troubleshooting requests and current status from the Central Call Center.

Performance Satisfaction Test Development

To improve productivity with satisfaction tests of diagnostics, eco-tech reports, design proposals, technical use and maintenance, troubleshooting and other services.

End-to-End Solutions

For diagnostics notification, eco-tech report, proposals, project contracts, maintenance and failure tracking forms, maintenance contracts.

Online Financial Reporting System

To carry out transactions under a single financial reporting system. Two types of payments will be made. The first will be done to you by us. The other will be collected by you and the share of Clean Services will be paid by you.

Regular Income

From the supervision and maintenance fees of the charging stations of the operators served and the projects.

Direct Collection of Project Orders

To make direct collection of project proposal applications, maintenance and failure tracking fees, to execute the central sharing of revenues.

Growing Income

The number of operators and stations installed in projects will always increase. This will provide a steady and ever-growing income.